Absorpt the advanced design concepts at home and abroad in product design, triangular combination stand, highlighting the product stable, the visual impact of the atmosphere, according to ergonomic focus on muscle training as well pay more attention to trajectory training.

The main frame is made of J50 * 80 * 3mm high-quality steel and 3mm high quality steel plate. With the laser cutting and robot welding technology, it can meet the flexibility of assembling parts, make the products stable and strong.

According to the fitness instructor training ways and methods ,match with the product parts in different position and number, fully display the design concept of human nature and flexibility, even if there is subsequent new products accessories, can also be seamless, optional choose to use position.

Product Dimension :

 Weight: 230kg/506Lb
 Assembled Dimension     :      2400(L)x2300(W)x2560mm(H/Max3110)
 Suggest movement area  :      4400×4300(mm)


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